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Growth is Our Game: How do you play?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Brittney, Breanne and I just returned from our annual strategy planning retreat. We use the word ‘retreat’ lightly since that usually implies rest and relaxation. While it was a rewarding and empowering experience, it was anything but restful. Our business coaches helped us analyze what is working well, what we need to elevate and where the opportunities lie. We discussed growth and diversification, and how we can better serve our team and clients. We looked at the various industries we support and the services we provide. We came at it with a large scale global lens and narrowed it down to our ideal state.

Growth: “the process of increasing in amount, value or importance."

Sounds appealing.

But what does it take to grow?

At BRITT we continue to put significant focus on how we can grow in our roles, personally and professionally. A growth mindset requires a strong belief that our talents can be developed, an accountability to the process, a willingness to be innovative, and take intelligent risks. Service companies are often faced with the cart before the horse scenario; do you wait for the opportunity then grow to meet the needs, or put extra resources in place then create and find the opportunities. We believe growth is successful when you have a healthy foundation coupled with agility to meet the needs. We wholeheartedly believe in growing in a sustainable and impactful way.

Over the years we have learned that successful growth includes five key elements:

  1. The right people

  2. A healthy dose of innovation

  3. Listening to the voice of the client

  4. A killer strategy with the ability to adapt and change

  5. A desire to test, learn and pivot

Stay tuned for exciting growth news at BRITT!

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