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BRITT RADIUS has earned the reputation of being bold and innovative by pushing the boundaries of what is and what can be. President & CEO, Dayna Morgan, has captivated audiences of leading industry experts. She lends her expertise and insight to speak on topics including Land and Engagement work, leadership, culture, entrepreneurship and the new way of doing business.

Topic 1

There Is No Neutral; Keys To A Thriving Culture

We all know the most important part of an organization are the people. You hire great people and give them exciting work. Yes awesome, and, it is so much more than that. Your people will drive business, innovate new ideas, and give blood, sweat and tears when they believe in the vision and have a foundation of trust. Every action a team member takes, especially the leaders, builds up or tears down a culture, there is no neutral. So, how do you create a culture which allows your organization and people to thrive?!

Who should attend

Leaders who want to install a healthy culture where their team feels empowered, valued and are highly effective.

Main takeaways

Learn how to implement tools and mindset that promotes engaged, empowered, productive and creative teams.


Topic 2

Social Risk is a Material Risk

The #1 Hurdle facing projects today is non-technical risks; the risks that are derived from stakeholders, the public and communities. Companies can no longer rely on completing a checkbox to ensure project acceptance and approval. An organization’s social engagement and approach are a vital part of project planning, budgeting, resourcing, time management and execution.

Who should attend

Project Managers, Senior Management and Executive Leaders who are responsible for the delivery of development projects or who lead public, stakeholder and Indigenous engagement within their organization.

You will
  • Gain an understanding of the real risks social impacts can play in development projects.

  • Learn how to identify these risks to create effective mitigation plans, trends / influences and policy changes.

  • Learn how to create best practices for handling complex and high-volume stakeholder engagements.


Topic 3

Operating in the New Way

The ways which companies conduct business continues to evolve with increased social, political, compliance and operational demands. The transactional way of working and delivering projects is no longer enough. There is a new way to live, operate and execute. By taking a holistic and human centric approach provides tangible benefits to individuals, projects and corporations.

Who should attend

Business leaders who are interested in or tasked with elevating the way their teams and organizations interact, engage and do business.

Operating in the New Way

Learn how to foster an organization where teams think collaboratively, strategically and holistically so that people, the land and projects moving forward together.


Engaging talks range from topics in Land & Engagement, leadership, culture, entrepreneurship and the new way of business:

Technical Talks
  • Social Risk is a Material Risk

  • Mitigating Non-Technical Risks

  • Land Access 101

  • Building an Engagement Tool Kit

  • Navigating Multi-Stakeholder Engagement process

  • Trends in Public Consultation

  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

Leadership & Business Talks
  • How to Create a Winning Culture

  • Operating in the New Way

  • Strategy and Innovation

  • Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship 

Event Love

Joe Momoh
Host & Producer of the
Joe Momoh Presents Podcast

Brittney is an energetic and engaging speaker. She thoughtfully and eagerly shares from the heart.. Having her as a speaker made for a truly great episode. I'd highly recommend anybody looking for a thought-provoking, captivating and all-around awesome human being for their speaking engagements.

Isabelle Mercier
CEO of LeapZone Strategies & Host


BRITT RADIUS simply rocks. they are skillful, responsible and most of all accountable which is a rare combination these days. Brittney, Dayna and Breanne are phenomenal speakers. They deliver from the heart and leave an audience feeling inspired, energized and activated. 

Wade McLeod
Past CAPL Director, Canadian Association
of Petroleum Landmen

Dayna hosted and presented CAPL’s Public Stakeholder Engagement Session in the fall of 2020. She was a true professional with a great attitude that brought extensive knowledge and experience to the working group. Her session was easy to follow and kept attendees engaged. She was awesome!

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