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Grit + Determination + Proven Systems = Success.

Our Story


In 1986 Ray Ramsay established “Britt Resources Ltd.” (what is now known as BRITT RADIUS) during a difficult recession. Ray started his business with the desire to be his own boss and to provide for his young family. Brittney Ramsay was two when BRITT RADIUS was founded and spent many days in the back of the truck travelling throughout the prairies to landowners’ homes. Her sister Breanne Ramsay was born a few years after BRITT RADIUS was established and she too spent her childhood as a staple in the BRITT RADIUS office. Dayna Morgan was hired at BRITT RADIUS over 20 years ago under Ray’s leadership, and it suffices to say she has never left. 
Merriam-Webster defines RADIUS as “a straight line from the center to the circumference of a circle.” The interesting thing about a circle is that in order to make it larger and have a bigger impact all you need to do is increase its radius.


This is how we like to think of BRITT RADIUS as a company - if you want to go big, do more, and have a bigger positive impact, you need to add us to the equation. BRITT RADIUS has evolved from Land broker, to be a leader in managing all aspects of non-technical risks and aligning these with operational requirements. 
Today, Brittney Ramsay is BRITT RADIUS’ bold CEO, Breanne Ramsay is our wise CFO and Dayna Morgan is our fearless COO. Under the stewardship of these three women BRITT RADIUS has been transformed into an award-winning, second-generation family business that is women-owned and operated; a rare and unique combination in our industries.
As leaders and business owners, we know we have the ability to create space for transformation in our work and ourselves, leaving a lasting positive impact. As a team, we want to inspire others to unlock each other’s potential and achieve great things.

Our resources are spread throughout North America.


Our Team

Brittney Ramsay

CEO + Vision Blazer

Dayna Morgan

COO + Innovation Designer

Breanne Ramsay

CFO + Improvement Architect

Jeorden Stout

Operations Manager + Versatility Artist

Kim Bloomfield

VP Operations & Client Delivery
+ Results Driver

Team Member Welcome Post .png
Kent Fox

Field Operations Lead & Project Manager

Team Member Welcome Post  (1).png
Joshua Nelson

Land Manager & Project Manager 

Dione McGuinness

Engagement Lead & Senior Advisor + Connection Catalyst

Ray Ramsay

Founder + Village Mason

Our Core Team
Our Brand Promise
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Join our team. Make an impact.

Are you looking to be part of a community where you are activated and inspired to succeed? Where you can step outside the box and grow as an individual? Where your presence makes a difference, and you are valued? Where your service centric mindset and unique genius contribute to the success of those around you?

We want to hear from you.

Our Brand Promise


We promise Foresight and Peace-of-Mind, by identifying hurdles and activating creative solutions.

Our Core Values

Believe It’s Possible

The intersection of mindset and the determination to make it happen.

1 + 1 = 3

Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. We value team over individual; how we get things done is as important as what we achieve.

Service Centric

A willingness to generously serve. We create transformational experiences by discovering how we can help and add value.

100 / 0

We take ownership for the quality of our individual work and pride in what we deliver as a team. We are solution focused.

Our Vision


To live in a world where people, the land and projects move forward together.


What our brand stands for

There is no neutral when living our culture; everything we do either builds up or tears down our culture and core values. 


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

— Peter Drucker


We are a community who holds a shared vision and values, has healthy debate, supports each other and has each other’s back.


We believe in our work as human betterment projects, and reframing the conversation around development so that the land, people and projects move forward together.

We are never comfortable doing something because that is the way it has always been done. We are passionate about smart change and innovation. Taking something good and making it great.


Client Love

Justin Wickson
Senior Land Agent

BRITT RADIUS offers great value for the work they do, with a wide range of service options which allows me to select what I need, when I need them.

Jason Blanch
​​BC Surface Land Manager

BRITT RADIUS’ industry knowledge, strong stakeholder relations and dedication to making it happen on every project have delivered impressive results and continued service excellence.

Damian Bettles
​​Regional Manager, North America
DP Energy

I am impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism of the BRITT RADIUS team, and look forward to working with them again on future projects.

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