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Access to land has become more challenging than ever. Increased regulatory requirements, coupled with engaged and informed landowners means land is no longer a checkbox. 


Our Land Access support includes:

  • Assessment & Planning

  • Prospecting

  • Negotiations & Agreement Acquisition

  • Crown & Government Approvals

  • Consultation & Notifications

  • Regulatory & Compliance Support

  • Mineral Leasing & Crown Land Sales

  • Third Party Consents

  • Acquisitions & Divestitures

  • Title Services

  • Construction Monitoring 

  • Damages Settlements

  • Mapping & GIS

  • Environmental Guidance

  • Environmental Risk Mitigation, Assessments, Applications 


Engagement Services

Working with stakeholders, the public and Indigenous Communities is an art not a science. Our expertise in engagement reduces social risk and increases transparency and trust.

Our Engagement services include:


  • The design, planning, execution and evaluation of Engagement plans

  • Planning and executing public communications, information sessions, workshops, and tours

  • Preparing your team, and enhancing their skills

  • Records management, assessment, implementation, and reporting

  • Consultation and commitments tracking to ensure compliance

  • Engagement Training

  • Corporate social impact to support ESG

Our Indigenous Relations Services include:


  • Strategy

  • Relationship Building

  • Economic Development Opportunities
    Develop and implement Indigenous Inclusion Plans, Engagement Plans, and Economic Participant Plans

  • Cultural Awareness Training

  • Employment and Training facilitation

  • Consultation & Engagement

Land Services
Engagement Services

We create a clear path ahead, de-risking projects. 


The #1 hurdle facing projects today is non-technical risks.


These hurdles create costly delays, social outrage and put projects into jeopardy. Every. Single. Day. 


Our unique and proven solutions address these hurdles. 


We specialize in navigating the intricacies in working with the public, stakeholders, Indigenous communities, compliance frameworks and access to land. We get projects across the finish line.

Compliance Services


Whether you are operating within a stringent regulatory framework, or need acceptance or approval from a governing body or the public, an understanding of, and alignment to expectations and requirements is vital. 


Our Compliance work complements project teams by handling:

  • Risk & Issues Management

  • Applications & Approvals

  • Government & Stakeholder Relations

  • Support ESG efforts and reporting



We believe in the opportunity for people, the land and projects to move forward together. This sustainable and responsible approach is shown in how we operate as a business as well as support we provide our clients in their conscious business efforts, including:

  • Creation of corporate policies and processes based on transparency and accountability

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • “I”: Indigenous Inclusion, Indigenous Engagement and Tribal Relations

  • Environmental Guidance

  • Reporting

  • Communications

  • Purpose, values based and heart driven culture frameworks

Read more about BRITT RADIUS' conscious business culture here.

Compliance Services
Environmental Services
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Talent Resourcing


We have a one-window solution for clients who need to build out their teams. We alleviate the burden of recruiting with our quality sourced and vetted talent, where and when you need it most. Having a full time team dedicated to finding top resources also means BRITT RADIUS’ internal project teams have the best talent, doing what they are best at. 


We offer:

  • Contingent Workforce Staff Augmentation

  • Temporary Hourly Contract 

  • Permanent Direct Hire Placement

  • Executive Search & Placement

  • Retained Search & Placement


Management Services

We provide strategic guidance and problem solving to de-risk projects, activate opportunities and eliminate unforeseen hurdles. We effectively manage projects through alignment of resources, requirements, time, and budget. Our team is trained in the foundations of project management through the international Project Management Institute, and apply best practices to our work. 


We specifically focus on:

  • Cost Control

  • Resource Management

  • Scoping

  • Scheduling, and can take point on directing and managing contractors and other service providers.

  • Issues Management

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Strategic Guidance

  • Tailored Reporting

Talent Resourcing
Management Services


Upstream Oil & Gas
Midstream Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy
Power Transmission & Distribution


Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage





Transmission & Distribution 






Zoning Applications



Our Expertise

Our Clients

Client Love

Ray Zavery
Vice President, New Ventures
Source Energy Services


We draw on BRITT RADIUS’ land services to obtain project permits and work with the Engagement team on more complex stakeholder challenges. I strongly and happily recommend them.

Shawn Furlong
Vice President Health Safety & Environment
Source Energy Services


BRITT RADIUS worked with us to develop an Indigenous relations program, including the creation of our own internal Indigenous Awareness Training for our staff. We truly enjoy working with the BRITT team and have found them knowledgeable, responsive and very insightful.

Justin Wickson
Senior Land Agent

The culture at BRITT RADIUS produces team members who are professional, proactive and genuine. BRITT RADIUS has a unique and proven approach to getting things done and well done.

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