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Company Culture Award

BRITT RADIUS received the company culture award from the Calgary Chamber Small Business Week in 2018 for being an industry leader in how we engage  and motivate our team.

Young Women in Energy

Brittney received this award in 2014 as a representation of the future of the energy industry through innovation, dedication and passion paving the way for a bigger and brighter future for us all.

Top 35 Under 35

In 2016 our President, Brittney Ramsay, received this award from Alberta Oil recognizing the best & brightest minds in the energy sector who are shaping it today.

Business Leaders Award

In 2015 Business in Calgary recognized our President, Brittney Ramsay, as a Leader of Tomorrow.  

Customer Service Excellence Award

BRITT RADIUS received this award from the Calgary Chamber Small Business Week in 2015 for providing excellence in customer service! 

Oilweek Rising Star Award

In 2015, Dayna Morgan COO received the Rising Star Award from Oilweek for bringing growth & direction to the energy sector and BRITT RADIUS.

In 2016 our VP Operations & Client Delivery, Kim Bloomfield, received this award for her ability to think on her feet, find solutions for clients, and empower our team.

FEYA Award

BRITT RADIUS was celebrated as a National Finalist of the Family Enterprise of the Year Award 2017 from FEX after winning the regional award for Calgary. This award recognizes & celebrates significant achievements made by Canadian

Family Businesses. 



Joe Momah Presents Podcast

Entrepreneurship Myths & Female Empowerment. June 2020


Women in Business (ATB)

Advice from the women behind BRITT RADIUS. January 2020


Growth Management (ATB)

Transitioning into businesses: Lessons from BRITT RADIUS. December 2019


2015 March Business in Calgary

Business in Calgary article  'Success in the people business of oil and gas...The girls are sharp, focused, motivated, high achievers and they have always stood on their own...'  


ATB “This is Why, ATB Listens”
Commercial 2019


ATB “Power generation, personified.”

Sisters Brittney & Breanne Ramsay were featured in ATB Business' We Grow Alberta Campaign, 2014.


2020 October Business in Edmonton Magazine

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