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Featured Work: CER Regulated Pipeline Expansion

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

BRITT RADIUS is actively completing a pipeline expansion program, governed by the Canadian Energy Regulator, within Southern AB and Southern BC that consists of multiple pipelines. We are involved to complete stakeholder engagement, notification and consultation, land access, and stakeholder information tracking, analytics and management reporting.

The Challenge:

The scope of work includes an array of engagement activities including informing stakeholders of projects, notifications, consultation, facilitation and open houses with stakeholders, third party companies, Ministry of Transportation, Municipal Districts and Federal Regulator/Government agencies. As well as completing land access and acquisitions during COVID-19.

Our Solutions:

Applying our Fit-For-Purpose Blueprint, we combine a strategic approach with our best practices gained over 35 years of experience. We identified opportunities and costly stumbling blocks early with successful mitigation strategies. Through our service solutions we alleviate their burden and ensure our interdisciplinary teams provide value and exceptional results.

Land Access: We complete fully cycle land access services acquiring survey acknowledgements with landowners and occupants, mailouts to stakeholders, on-going engagement with landowners, and the negotiation and acquisition of agreements.

Extensive Stakeholder Information Tracking & Management: At the start of the project, a records management plan, protocols and templates were developed specific to our client. Training for all consultation and field team members was completed to ensure consistency. Detailed analytics were provided monthly for decision making and alignment with project objectives and stakeholder feedback.

Open House Attendance: BRITT RADIUS team members attended open houses for each of the projects, collected any immediate concerns, questions or comments from the communities, created mitigation plans, and feedback loops.

Government Relations & Engagement: We attended and participated in early engagement meetings with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) and the BC Oil & Gas Commission (OGC) in charge of reviewing applications and approvals.

Our Technology: In conjunction with our internal land software, engagement software, and GIS program, this project required alternative technology to enhance communication with stakeholders and landowners, including digital document signing platforms. Because our technology is automated, we can ensure our teams genius is spent on high value tasks.

The Results:

The project is moving forward on time and on budget. Our relationships in the area with landowners, stakeholders, and governing bodies is strong, as they are built on trust. We focus on identifying opportunities by managing the non-technical risks and identifying the unforeseen to activate opportunities for our client.

Want to experience working with our genius team?

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