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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The internet era has ushered in a host of choices for job seekers that can be both beneficial and confusing. Thousands of online recruitment sites, an infinite number of job boards, and dozens of networking sites, can give active candidates a false sense of security that they can manage their job search independently; however, nothing could be further than the truth! Working with a BRITT Talent Resourcing Recruiter offers definite benefits in any job market, and in a recessionary environment, the rewards can be even greater.

Here are the TOP 10 advantages of leveraging BRITT’s Talent Resourcing assistance in your job search:

1. You will be in a smaller select pool when you work with a BRITT recruiter. If you align with the qualifications of a job the recruiter is sourcing for, you are automatically in a smaller pool of candidates, therefore increasing your chances of being the selected one vs. being 1 of hundreds of applicant resumes.

2. Recruiters are involved in about half of all senior-level job conversions. Your BRITT recruiter will likely be networked with the Human Resources Manager or hiring manager directly, so instead of being another faceless resume in a stack of eager applicants, allow the recruiter to make the in-roads on your behalf and become your representative.

3. BRITT recruiters are only compensated when you get hired. A recruiter’s primary objective is to place you into a position and until that happens, they will go the lengths to educate, prepare, and coach you through all aspects of the interview and hiring process.  A BRITT recruiter’s services are complimentary to jobseekers, and the placement fees are issued to the recruiter by the company who hires you.

4. BRITT recruiters provide no-cost advantages such as strategic career guidance, employment market intel, history on the company and the job you are interviewing for, detailed resume analysis, and suggestions on navigating the interview process.

5. You will have a “promoter” by working with a BRITT recruiter who specializes in your industry. In presenting your resume to a potential company, the recruiter markets your strengths and assets to the employer. The recruiter will also assist the person meeting with you to connect the dots between your professional experience and the available position.

6. A BRITT recruiter can refine your interview skills and techniques. Job seekers who use the services of a BRITT recruiter are better prepared for job interviews and are equipped with the inside scoop about the company, as well as the expected skills and tangibles that the hiring manager desires in a candidate. Because your recruiter has likely assisted the hiring manager and the company on prior placements, your recruiter will very likely know specific questions and/or topics your interviewer(s) will inquire about. Think of it as knowing the exam questions prior to taking the test.

7. BRITT has access to unpublished or confidential vacancies not yet advertised or posted on the internet. There are companies who prefer to keep some of their prized job openings out of view to the general public or are recruiting for positions that are confidential in nature. There are various reasons companies do this, but one thing is certain, if you don’t have access to view these jobs or know they exist; you simply aren’t able to apply or interview for them.

8. Good recruiters have a depth of diverse industry contacts. Seasoned BRITT recruiters are networked with numerous hiring managers who operate within your field. If you don’t get the first position you interview for, your recruiter will likely have a few more in mind or know of several more that are anticipated to become available in the future.

9. You can receive invaluable information through your BRITT recruiter. A savvy recruiter can provide great insights about trends in your field and in your market, as well as provide a barometer of how much you should / could be earning and other compensation criteria, professional must-have skills, and pass along background on a company’s culture and inner workings.

10. Confidentiality is crucial. In the new world of social media, it’s not a far-fetched possibility that your current employer could discover you are actively looking if you’ve posted your resume to every job board on the web. Using the representation of a BRITT recruiter ensures your job search is not only efficient, but also discrete.

To get in touch with BRITT’s Talent Resourcing division to discuss your job search, or to learn more, please reach out to us at

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