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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The approach to attracting, on-boarding, and retaining top talent has a new set of challenges. Progressive businesses are adapting to find efficient and effective ways to have the right people in the right seat, within the right time frame.

The Landscape.

Since the height of Alberta’s recession in 2016, the candidate market has been a raging sea of job seekers, spanning from the highly skilled, to beginners, and everywhere in between.

What we hear most often is how uncertain the employment market is. The pendulum swings between two extremes - either there are too many candidates and not enough jobs, or too there are many jobs and not enough candidates. So, where does that leave the businesses? Finding the right people for the right roles has never been easy, and it’s seemingly getting harder.

Leveraging the assistance of a Talent Resourcing Recruiter has never been more appealing than now, when the diamonds evidently require some added mining in order to be surfaced.

What are the advantages of using BRITT to resource your talent?

Many companies are content to seek out new talent through traditional means, posting ads across multiple job boards and sifting through endless resumes. While this may work for some, many progressive companies are using consulting firm recruiters to quickly seek out quality talent and, more importantly, ensure that talent sticks around.

The art of distinguishing between a staff member and a talent member is an essential component of a quality recruiter’s craft. A Staff Member is devoted to the margins of the job, they are fixated on punching the clock and maintaining a status quo. Whereas a Talent Member differentiates in 3 main areas: 1. Autonomy – self-governing 2. Mastery – the pursuit of learning, and also acquired discipline 3. Drive – motivated by a bigger purpose opposed to money.

A high calibre recruiting firm can make a significant impact in your hiring strategy, and ultimately your internal team(s) for years to come.

BRITT’s Talent Resourcing team

We have listened to our client’s hurdles and expanded our services into outsourced talent placement! Key benefits in relying on BRITT’s Talent Resourcing team to support your organization and project needs include:

  1. This is our job. Those from within a company are tasked to focus on their primary duties, whereas sourcing the leading person for the job is the primary duty of our recruiters. We maintain a consistent pulse on the job and candidate markets and are exposed to new trends and ways to improve our methods.

  2. We zero in on talent that is generally hard find. Simply put, we tap into resources within specialized industry verticals to locate the best talent available, rather than the best of what’s available.

  3. We are independent. Given our role as being outsourced, we are able and willing to pose more direct and specific questions to candidates, such as about finances, and personal goals. Candidates speaking with a us tend to be more forthright with information, giving us a broader perspective, which can help weed out those unsuitable for specific roles.

  4. We are an investment. While some companies might balk at the notion of paying someone to do something they can do personally, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Turnover is expensive and hiring the wrong person can cost a company money, and furthermore, it can result in lost time, resources, morale, relationships and opportunity. We focus on quality over quantity, and in the end, a placement fee is an investment when looking at those long-term benefits.

To get in touch with BRITT’s Talent Resourcing division to discuss your current and/or future requirements, please email:

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