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The What And Why Of BRITT’s C3 Management

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

There is strength in threes – a braid, a tripod, “third time’s the charm,” you name it. At BRITT RADIUS, we believe that the power of C3 has elevated our organization and can also elevate yours. We’re excited to introduce C3 Management™ to you: Consultation, Commitments & Compliance.

Our C3 Management™ process is specifically designed to ensure that, without a doubt, we are meeting regulatory best practice when it comes to consultation and commitments tracking. But it’s so much more than taking notes about conversations and implementing documentation processes – it’s an extension of our fundamental belief that all successful businesses and projects begin with people.

We take pride in ensuring that all land activities and engagement strategies are carried out with ease, foresight and peace of mind. C3 simply acts as a guide to ensure that all the conversations and commitments happening between our consultation reps, land agents and our client’s stakeholders are tracked with the utmost diligence and unbiased integrity. We will ensure that our piece of the engagement puzzle is exceeding best practice and that our activities are non-routine ready. It’s our promise. C3 is not only an internal enhancement to the way we run our projects, but also a service we’re thrilled to provide. We’d love to hear more about your pain points in stakeholder records management and offer unique and personalized solutions specifically designed for your organization.

Our C3 process is guided by staying abreast of all compliance measures in Canada. That not only includes regulatory expectations regarding stakeholder conversation documentation in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and throughout Canada, but also best practice that is influenced by international sustainability and corporate responsibility research. We believe, and have seen the evidence, that proactive C3 Management™ will become the norm for all land and engagement in Canada.

Has this piqued your interest? Because it sure piqued ours, and we can’t wait to share more with you! Reach out to us at

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