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5 Reminders for Alberta Directive 056 Participant Involvement Programs

Whether you have years of experience in D056 applications, or are newer to Land in Alberta, we always encourage our team members to go back to the source of truth. Look at your regulations! For well, pipeline and facility applications in Alberta, D056 should always be referenced. There are specific Participant Involvement "PI" requirements based on the category & type of application, including a few nuances we wanted to share. 

1 | Reference section 3 when planning your participant involvement (consultation and notification) program. Sec 3.2.2 #18 lists out the 17 requirements of your project-specific information package.

2 | There is an expectation to "close the loop" with participants if an application is withdrawn, the project changes, or a change in circumstances does not allow a previous commitment to be met (Sec 3.3 #22).

3 | While Sec 3.2.2 #18 lists out a requirement to provide a list of available AER documents, the AER brochure, and the AER EnerFAQs, there are specific requirements for which documents need to be included to a participant who is being "consulted with" and a participant who is being "notified". See Sec 3.3.1 #29 for what to include when consulting, and Sec 3.3.2 #39 for what to include when notifying. 

4 | Maintain your records! Directive 056 mentions the importance of developing an audit documentation package early. We always recommend that a Record of Contact be logged for each interaction with a stakeholder (phone call, voice mail, notification, or meeting). 

5 | If your one or two year license expires, your consultation and notification also expires. The licensee must consult again or be able to demonstrate consultation and notification updates have been done.

Contact Jeorden for any regulatory questions! 

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