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6 Things to Watch For on Alberta Surface Land Titles

Keep an eye out for these nuances on your Alberta Land Titles, to ensure they don't cause issues with your surface acquisition or interest registration.


1 | Look for any exceptions in the legal description. Parts of the land may be excluded for the titled area such as parcels or road allowances.

2 | Watch for pending DRR registrations that have already been submitted and ahead in the queue.

3 | In order to register an easement or utility right-of-way, your agreement must match the title exactly, including landowner names, tenancy and legal description. If there is an error on the title (such as a spelling mistake), you need to copy the title exactly on your agreement, even with the error.

4 | An option to purchase can be registered on title when there is a purchase of the lands. The consent of the purchaser is required. Complete a direction of payment to deal with who gets compensation. 

5 | Zoning restrictions may or may not be registered on title. It is good practice to understand local or municipal zoning and not to rely solely on the title for this information.

6 | Restrictive Covenants can be registered on title, which stipulate certain uses or non-uses of the land. Always pull the Restrictive Covenant registration document and review.

Contact Ashley for any title questions! 

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