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The Challenge To 
Be Solved


The ways which companies conduct business continues to evolve with increased social, political, compliance and operational demands.


The #1 hurdle facing projects today is non-technical risks.


These hurdles create costly delays, social outrage and put projects into jeopardy unnecessarily. Every. Single Day. 


Our unique and proven solutions address these hurdles. 


We specialize in navigating the intricacies in working with the public, stakeholders, Indigenous communities, compliance frameworks and access to land. We get projects across the finish line.

We get it done.

To get projects across the finish line requires a combination of experience and strategy. A transactional approach is no longer enough.


We have a unique and dynamic blueprint to approaching and executing projects that sets us apart called:

The BRITT RADIUS Fit-For-Purpose Blueprint.


This approach allows us to be agile, thorough and cost-effective while going deep into four core elements critical to the success of any project:

Human | Design | Compliance | Technology.


Having a Fit-For-Purpose Blueprint gives our clients a tremendous advantage for success.

Client Love

Linda Bratrud
Surface Land Representative
Velvet Energy

BRITT RADIUS always goes beyond all expectations. The team is very reliable and attends to every detail on our behalf!  They truly believe in our projects and know how to navigate the complexities to ensure compliance.

Damian Bettles
Regional Manager, North America
DP Energy

BRITT RADIUS managed all the regulatory consultation and notification, from strategy through to delivery, public communications and engagement...even down to facilitating an Open House!
I am very impressed by the level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism this team delivers. 

Gerald Feschuk
VP, Environment & Regulatory
Nauticol Energy


BRITT RADIUS is professional, a true pleasure to work with, and their work is of utmost quality. And, something rare these days; they deliver on schedule which I greatly value.

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