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UAV Data Collection for Video Vizualization on Your Project

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The use of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has increased significantly in the past several years, both their commercial use and personal use. This has occurred despite strict regulations and laws for piloting UAVs. Their versatility and relatively accessible pricing have made them fairly common across many industries.

In the Survey industry we have been using UAVs as a tool for data collection for years, but the surveying and mapping industry is not the largest users of UAV technology. Although Military applications still account for the majority of UAV usage globally; from a commercial perspective Agriculture and Farming; Forestry, and the Marketing, Film, and Entertainment industries are all bigger users of this tool.

It is the combination of this tools ability to support survey and mapping projects with high quality, reliable deliverables, and the ease at which this tool can be utilized for the purpose of capturing video and images of the status and progress of a project that led us to expand the capabilities of the data we could collect on a given job to help support additional aspects of a clients project lifecycle. We do not limit field data collection to just the typical deliverables, we now capture high definition video and imagery for the purposes of providing a visual record of the progress of a project and ultimately for the purpose of communicating, marketing and historically recording projects of all types and sizes.

This type of data collection on a project helps companies involved in construction or development endeavours, achieve increased value by communicating through images and video, whether for internal company purposes such as Board Meetings and TownHalls, or external communication to enhance marketing and social media campaigns, community and stakeholder engagement opportunities, and other business promotional material.

Although we have seen a steady rise in the use of digital video and imagery for the purposes of project status reporting, historical recording, and communication for the past couple of years; we expect to see significant increases in the use of this type of project information as the Global Pandemic continues to change the way we work, and how we communicate, project information.

According to Tribute Media, a Web Marketing Agency tracking Social Media changes resulting from COVID-19, engagements on media posts increased across almost all industries and sectors and across almost all platforms. Instagram showed one of the biggest increases in comments and messages per post and a significant increase in business related posting. Tracking the media posts that have generated the most views, most comments, likes, shares, etc. the overwhelming majority on all platforms assessed, included some type of edited, produced, video.

As we adapt to a business environment that has less and less opportunity for us to promote our projects, and our businesses in traditional ways, we are quickly seeing the shift to utilizing online media and we are finding that videos which are professionally produced have the most impact for the money spent.

For these reasons, there are big benefits in collecting video and imagery on your projects throughout their progress and lifecycle, whether that is for business promotion, in support of stakeholder engagement, or for other purposes, we have found that through the unique view taken from a UAV, we have achieved captivating, engaging video and imagery to promote our own business and capabilities a lot more effectively, and reach a lot more people.

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