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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We have learned over the years that during times of adversity, challenges, and hurdles our creativity and grit is at its highest. We are forced to think outside the box and pursue unique solutions. BRITT RADIUS was started during a recession in the mid 80's and has grown to be a leading company in Western Canada. We continuously look for new growth opportunities in order to overcome any obstacle; it’s in our DNA.

Committed to Reconciliation.

We are consistently sharpening the saw helps us stay abreast of new skills, technologies and trends. In turn, this approach allows us to better serve our clients by sharing this knowledge. At BRITT RADIUS, we have a mindset of being lifelong learners. Training strengthens our skill sets and helps us all to remain competitive in a dynamic and challenging market. Because of this commitment to learning, BRITT RADIUS has made the commitment to supporting the advancement of Reconciliation through the implementation of our Indigenous Engagement Commitment. As such, we ensure that each of our team members undergoes rigorous training pertaining to working with Indigenous peoples within Canada. The result of this training is a certificate of completion for our Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training.

Creativity is born out of constraint.

The pandemic has tested us. The challenges have felt unbearable at times as we navigate uncharted territory. Since the initial dust has settled, through the chaos, fear, and constraints we have started to see the light. The quickly unfolding chaos bore new ideas, inventions, and clarity of what was needed and what was no longer needed. Such unforeseen restrictions produced creativity and resourcefulness; unprecedented gifts.

"Creativity is what happens when a mind encounters an obstacle. It’s the human process of finding a way through, over, around, or beneath. No obstacle, no creativity.”

~ Ben Orlin

Mindset Creates Our Experience.

As leaders, we focus a lot on mindset. We know wholeheartedly that our mindset creates our experience. Throughout the day we are reflecting and asking ourselves: where is my attention, what I am focused on, are my 'beacons' on and calling forward what I want?

Our mindset and focus is supported by daily winning rituals. These are the structures and rhythms we put in place in order to be our optimal self and are personal and unique to each one of us. Daily rituals help create the space for energetic alignment with our mindset. When we are in alignment, we have more moments of happiness despite any obstacles or challenges we are forced to face.


This is a time for us to consider and reflect on big questions and dig deep. When facing challenges there is always an opportunity to show gratitude. In those challenging moments, it can be humbling to remind ourselves to be thankful for all that we have, thankful for our safety, our freedom, and our opportunities. Showing gratitude for our front-line workers and first responders for all they have done and sacrificed during the global pandemic. Gratitude to Indigenous Peoples, the Original Peoples of the Land, and our continued efforts towards Reconciliation.

Concern, Influence, Control.

With everything going on in our world today, both globally and within our own communities, fear, anxiety, anger and frustration are common and regular emotions. It is in these times that we are reminded to reflect on what and where our attention and energy is spent. There are a wide range of things to be concerned with. Concerns are external and reactive, and can lead to blaming, accusing and victimization.

As an alternative, what can we influence? Remember, to influence is not to control. Influence is often our mindset and behaviours. Moving from a focus of concern to influence is a move from a negative (reactionary) state to a positive (proactive) state.


We believe in alignment; energetically and physically. For us, it is a state of being, one that is imbued with harmony, balance and synchronicity. When we are living in alignment, we feel like we are in the flow; barriers are broken down and silos are erased. We like to think of alignment like a basket, made of several different parts, but when woven together it results in something better and stronger.

In approaching the work we do at BRITT RADIUS, we focus on alignment. Instead of viewing Land, Engagement and Regulatory as standalone silos to be developed on their own, we view them as different moving parts that make up a whole that are more productive when they are in alignment. We use alignment as a lens through which we analyze our service solutions: how we are showing up, what we are sending out, and what is coming back to us? In doing so, we are able to bring multifaceted Land, Engagement and Regulatory pieces of a project together in a way that ensures harmony, balance and synchronicity is woven throughout. The completed project a reflection of this; alignment.

Conditioning: The New Way.

Conditioning, it's something we, as members of society, have all been through. No, we’re not talking about the second step in the hair washing process, or the additive given to leather to keep up its appearance. Arguably, there are various types of conditioning. However, what we have in mind is the idea of social conditioning, and the detrimental effect that it can have on your workplace. Why is that? The number one, most valuable asset in a company is people. Without people, companies would fail to function and ultimately cease to exist. As such, the number one most important thing we can do as leaders is tap into the human element of the workplace.

As leaders, we’ve always had a difficult time reconciling the notion that you could have a highly effective team without people; we are "human-centric," and, from a business standpoint, we've been conditioned to believe that approach is not the "norm." It hasn't taken us long to realize that the "norm" isn't who we are, as people or as a company. If clients or team members are looking for the "norm," then we aren't what you're looking for. At BRITT RADIUS, we deal with conditioning in the workplace head-on by taking a human-centric approach and asking ourselves if there is a new way. We realize, for most, conditioning will tell them that this approach is unconventional or even illogical, but we're ok with that. At BRITT RADIUS, we prefer to think of conditioning like the second step in the hair washing process, a method that is used to improve something's condition. This, in turn, empowers our leadership and our team to be courageous, bold, and unconventional; we are the new way.

Want to experience working with our genius team?

To book a insight call with us for your Renewable Energy project or Stakeholder Engagement project, simply fill out our Needs Assessment and it will be our pleasure to connect with you to assess if we are the right fit for your project.

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