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Featured Work: Calgary’s First Utility Scale Solar Energy Production Facility

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

BRITT RADIUS successfully conducted a Participant Involvement Program (PIP) for two high-profile utility scale solar installations in Calgary, Alberta for DP Energy.

For the project, we managed all the regulatory consultation and notification, from strategy through to delivery. We also managed the public communications and engagement, including developing a newsletter and visual displays, as well as facilitating an open house to share project information and engage with the community. Throughout the project all records of communication were captured to use in preparing the PIP summary and regulatory application.

The Challenge:

The project was challenging from an engagement perspective, as it was located within a densely populated area of the city and required the engagement of thousands of stakeholders. Over 11,000 notifications were completed, and over 1,000 in person consultations. The communication for notifications and consultations had to be timely and effective, as well as recorded accurately for regulatory submission.

Our Solutions:

Strategic Stakeholder & Public Engagement: We understand the value of transparency, and having stakeholders’ concerns and comments documented, followed-up on, and considered in project decisions. We mailed packages to all stakeholders within the specified notification radius, and hand delivered packages to engage in person with all stakeholders within the consultation radius. In conjunction, we managed a project specific email and phone line for ease of communication with stakeholders.

Stakeholder Data Compliance: Actions, conversations, and follow-ups were thoroughly documented, and, from this, we compiled a comprehensive ‘Concerns and Mitigations’ table, and analytics to inform decision making. We completed tracking, auditing and scrubbing of stakeholder data to align with regulatory requirements.

Open House Facilitation: We organized an open house, managed all logistics, and provided media training to all participants from our client. The open house was well attended, with representatives from the City of Calgary and multiple media outlets participating alongside area stakeholders and the general public.

Regulatory Reporting: We authored the PIP Summary Report, which documented all engagements and summarized the actions taken to satisfy all regulatory requirements and compliance needs.

“I was impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism of the BRITT RADIUS team and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again”. Damian Bettles, Regional Manager, North America DP Energy

The Results:

We provided strategic guidance to DP Energy and succeeded in delivering a program that satisfied all regulatory requirements, while remaining within a strict budget given the high number of stakeholders. The lead application was subsequently approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission and our client was delighted in their experience with, and service provided by, BRITT RADIUS.

Want to experience working with our genius team?

To book a insight call with us for your Renewable Energy project or Stakeholder Engagement project, simply fill out our Needs Assessment and it will be our pleasure to connect with you to assess if we are the right fit for your project.

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