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10 Ways to Participate in Indigenous History Month

There are many ways to participate in Indigenous History Month in Canada, so we’ve outlined a few below.

  1. Learn the differences between the terms Indigenous, Aboriginal, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit. Consider their meaning both within a Canadian and global context.

  2. Read. Read books written by Indigenous scholars, authors, activists, and influencers.

  3. Support Indigenous Owned Businesses. While monetary support is the most obvious way to support a business, you can also follow, like, and share posts from Indigenous-owned businesses to garner added support from others.

  4. Read the TRC Report. Read the Truth & Reconciliation Commission report and findings, in addition to the 94 Calls to Action. Find out which Calls to Action have been implemented, and which have yet to be acted upon.

  5. Engage with Indigenous Creators. One way to educate yourself about the issues Indigenous Peoples and communities are facing is to follow Indigenous creators on social media.

  6. Educate Yourself. Do not rely on Indigenous People to educate you - especially not for free. If you find yourself wanting to learn in a more structured manner, consider taking the Indigenous Canada course offered by the University of Alberta which is taught by Dr. Tracy Bear and Dr. Paul Gareau.

  7. Celebrate! Celebrate the diversity, culture, resiliency, and beauty of Indigenous Peoples and communities.

  8. Attend public events hosted by Indigenous performers, creators, and elders.

  9. Visit to see whose traditional lands you live and work on.

  10. Learn how to deliver a land acknowledgement. There are many great resources to guide you in creating your own. Check out the Calgary Public Library’s Land Acknowledgement for Treaty 7 with Library friends Henri and Charlie!

Happy listening, learning, and growing this Indigenous History Month!

*Photo of Astokomii Smith, former Stampede First Nation's Princess, used with express permission via Alyse Lakeman Photography

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