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The Third C: Compliance

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

BRITT RADIUS' C3 Management™ is compliance-led consultation and commitments tracking. Our goal is to provide ease, foresight, and peace of mind that conversations with stakeholders are captured accurately and exceed regulatory best practice. Compliance is not only the goal of C3 Management™ but is also a driving force in many other ways. Just like all things wonderful in C3, compliance also comes in threes! Our approach has three key pillars that make up C3 compliance:

*Regulatory & Approvals

*Stakeholder + Indigenous Relationships

*Project Processes

Compliance in consultation records isn’t simply reading the rule book and providing the minimum standard; it’s a positive mindset that blends the expectations of regulators/approvers, stakeholders, and project goals. C3 Management™ is designed to ensure that all consultation and commitments are captured neutrally and professionally to achieve the following compliance measures:

  1. Regulatory/Approvals: Gathering the information required (issues, topics, commitments, etc.) to submit a project application to a regulator/municipality/council that meets or exceeds requirements;

  2. Stakeholder + Indigenous Relationships: Staying ahead of policy trends and stakeholder expectations. Understanding the value of transparency, and having stakeholder concerns and comments documented, followed-up on and considered in project decisions, and

  3. Project Processes: Ensuring protocols and guidelines are in place that allow for consistency from all project team members.

Luckily, we love thinking about compliance, and receive an immense amount of joy from implementing strategies around compliance and strive to leave teams feeling enabled, confident and efficient when it comes to tracking consultation and commitments. Our C3 team stays on top of policy trends and regulatory requirements so that your projects are compliant and “non-routine ready."

If you would like more information on how C3 Management™ can be implemented into your projects, whether it be a new application, ongoing record keeping, or auditing past documentation, we’d be thrilled to help!

For more information, or to learn how we can help you on your next project, contact us at

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